The Nativity Stewardship Committee provides a framework in which the parish can move forward - a common ground in which all future activities must be firmly rooted; the common ground is embedded in our vision, mission, and purpose statements.
Vision; Overarching Goal
 A primary goal of Stewardship is to promote spiritual growth and strengthen faith. Becoming a Steward begins when we believe in God, to whom we give our love, loyalty and trust and act on those beliefs. (Reference "Parish Resource II, page 30.)
Mission Statement
 Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a Christ-centered lifestyle which acknowledges that all that we possess is a gift from God and that we willingly and cheerfully return to God a portion of all that He has lovingly blessed us with and acknowledging God with reverence being held accountable and responsible to Him for all our actions. (Reference "Diocesan Mission Statement")
The Nativity Stewardship Committee consists of committed Orthodox Christians actively engaging in all of the Holy Mysteries and on a spiritual journey to sustain and perpetuate the Holy Orthodox Church by: 
• Living all facets of our faith; 
• Exemplifying a willingness to witness and educate the parish family and others; and 
• Bring together our time, talent, and treasure to glorify God according to the beliefs and liturgical practices of the Holy Orthodox Church. 
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