The Orthodox Worker Programs

Nativity of Our Lord Orthodox Church Orthodox Worker

The goals of the Orthodox Worker programs are to provide: outreach to the local community throughout the year; support the Archdiocese of Ghana's St. Basil's Seminary and the archdiocesan parishioners; beautify Nativity of Our Lord Orthodox Church; and support the spiritual journey of Nativity's parishioners and local Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox Worker program is a constructive trust, therefore all monies donated to it, must be spent in accordance with donor wishes.


The meals program is the original endeavor of Orthodox Worker. The program's objective is to provide meals to anyone in need, to foster relationships and trust within the local community, and engage persons on an individual basis as necessary for the purposes of listening, counseling, and moral support. The meals program takes seriously St Paul's admonishment, “If one member suffers, all suffer together” (1 Cor 12.26), and we endeavor to serve meals year-round despite weather conditions; we go the the people in need and willingly co-suffer with them.

Ghana Mission

Nativity of Our Lord Orthodox Church – its priest, members of the church, and other Orthodox Christian friends of Nativity – have maintained a relationship with the Archdiocese of Ghana since 2006. Since its inception, over 12 individual mission trips have been made to Ghana. The mission trips have provided educational support and leadership to the archdiocese – enabling it to author its own, diocesan-wide, Sunday School program, supported the launch of the diocesan seminary with program development, and provided instructor support to the seminary. Additionally, in concert with the Ordo Sancti Constantini Magni ( the Orthodox Worker has provided well over $15,000.00 in technology (computers, micro-computers, Kindle readers, etc.) and financial support to the seminary and diocesan high school.


The Orthodox Worker in 2013 assumed the responsibility for the collection, management, and documentation of donations for parish iconography. The first icon purchased via this initiative is of St. Michael the Archangel, procured at the specific request of a parishioner family. The icon was written in Ukraine. Another essential element of this endeavor is the maintenance of records for each and every icon donated to the parish since 2002, when major work was initiated to transform the then recently acquired facility into an Orthodox church.


The goal of this program is to provide the parishioners with the necessary tuition, materials, supplies and support for an Orthodox Christian education including but not limited to iconography classes, seminar attendance, and summer camp participation by parish children.


The parish bookstore is funded by individual donations. All profits from the parish bookstore will be returned to the bookstore, enabling it to become self-reliant and selffunding, freed of the requirements for future individual donations.

Monastery Retreats

Any donations in this endeavor are intended to defray costs for travel and stay by the women of the parish at the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration (or any other women's monastery). The women of the parish attempt to make two trips annually to Ellwood City, PA.

Poustinia Private Retreat

The Orthodox Worker maintains a simple poustinia (“desert”) room within Nativity – furnished with a small bathroom – to enable a mini-retreat for a single individual at the parish. The purpose of a poustinia stay is to allow individual solitude, prayer, contemplation, and rest. Full access to the church is permitted. During the stay, the priest will be available for the Mystery of Holy Repentance, Divine Liturgy, and or consultation as appropriate. A contribution of $35.00 per evening is recommended; the contribution covers 2 small fasting meals per day and a small donation to the Orthodox Worker. If anyone would care to contribute to the poustinia initiative, thus enabling someone to enjoy a retreat, please do so.

The director of the Orthodox Worker program is Mrs. Jeanette Pate, please contact her at (703) 629-0414 if you have any questions or care to make a contribution.